By on March 11th, 2020 in Setup
Bark Hideout for the Pacman frog
Bark Hideout for the Pacman frog

The Pacman got its first house 🙂

I’ve been for a walk in the woods and found a piece of the bark, so I decided to make the bark hideout. I have boiled the bark for about an hour and then installed it on the substrate.

I pull the Pacman out of his burrowing site to see if it can locate the hideout. And surprisingly, it did! It turns out that they can recognize the environment and use it properly, not only burrow themselves at a random place.

It comes out of the house every night, hunts the crickets that are available at night and gets back home in early morning. We don’t have the night light over there, so I have no idea how does it locate the prey in the dark.