84°F Is All That Pacman Need

Surprisingly, when we have got the terrarium thermostat set on 84°F, things were changed dramatically. Look at the graph! Frogs ...
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Bark Hideout for the Pacman frog

Bark Hideout for a Pacman Frog

Bark Hideout for the Pacman frog The Pacman got its first house 🙂 I've been for a walk in the ...
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Insulate a Glass Terrarium

What if your heaters are not enough? My Pacman frog terrarium setup is very simple and includes the following equipment: ...
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An Unconfirmed Danger of the Earthworms

Earthworm Pacman frogs do eat earthworms, that is a well-known fact. However, the right question would be "What earthworms?" Not ...
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Albino Pacman Frog

The Beginning

Albino Pacman Frog An idea about getting the Pacman frog was circulating around us for a long time. Like any ...
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