Pacman Frog Care Sheet

A shortened version for the small screen devices or for those who is in a hurry

If you are reading that page from the cell phone, maybe somewhere in the pet store while trying to decide if the Pacman frog is a good pet for you, here’s a short summary for your convenience. The full version is available here.

Terrarium Size 10G (~37L) for adults 
Temperature range 70-85 °F (21-29 °C) 
Humidity Range 65-80%
Substrate Coir (ground coconut) or similar that allows burrowing.
Food Live crickets, small rodents, fish. It is a carnivore and it will not eat flakes or vegetable food. Calcium and Vitamin D supplements are required.
Lifespan Up to 15 years in captivity.
Behavior A sit-and-wait predator. It does not play, usually sits still for hours, and it burrows itself into the substrate most of the time. They can’t be trained to do the tricks. They also won’t recognize or welcome the owner.
Handling Their skin is very delicate, and it is not recommended to touch or pet it — at all. They can bite when threatened.

Now, you are welcome to read the full, long version if interested 🙂